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10 of the Best Casino Secrets of Las Vegas - Tips on How to Win at Gambling


Do you want to look like a star in Las Vegas? Then get to know the rules on bars, casinos, and free items from Rick Lax of Las Vergas Weekly in this article. Also to be found in our Las Vegas city guide
Do not play against the locals

Do not play against the locals

When you sit down at the poker table at the casino or at the slot machine and the dealer knows everyone by name, you stand up and leave. These players are locals. They play every day. They make their living off people like you. Ask if you can change the table. Or collect your poker chips and go to another poker room. They want to participate in a game in which other tourists play. Ideally drunk tourists. Use the time difference in your favor: Go to the poker rooms at 3am when the clubs empty. Try the Venetian. The poker room is right under the mega club TAO. Do you see all those drunken, sexually frustrated men swaying down the stairs? They come here to play poker against you. They can beat you. You will see.

Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 414 1000,

Drink for a dollar in Wynn

The Vegas casinos serve free drinks to all their players. You do not have to sit at a $ 100 blackjack table, drinks are also served at a penny slot machine in the casino. If you plan to get drunk, do so before you go to the clubs. It will save you around $ 75. The best free drinks can be found at Wynn, offering their players free mojitos and branded tequila. Just remember to tip the waitress one dollar for each drink. And while you're there, check out the Koi Pond (a Koi is like a big goldfish, and a Koi Pond is like a garden in the water). It's the room where you can really relax the most on the strip, and not many know it - not even the kerching mobile slots fans.

3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 770 7000,

Lose your money in style

The Cosmopolitan is the newest and fanciest hotel on the Strip. It looks like the Wynn if it had been blinded by Liberace. As long as you lose your hard-earned money, you can at least do it in the company of the rich and powerful. Oh, and if you play Cosmo on Friday, Saturday, or Monday, do it at the table next to the escalator that leads up to the Marquee, the hottest club on the Strip; This is the best place to watch people in the casino and play at the slot machine. Other places to see people are Kokomo's Lounge at the Mirage and the coffee bar at Wynn.

The Cosmopolitan, 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 698 7000, Marquee,'s Lounge, 3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 791 7111,

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