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Find new friends in the Circle Bar


Each casino has a Cicle Bar (round bar). Usually she is in the middle. Here, and not in a club, you should make new acquaintances. For two reasons. You do not have to pay admission, you can play at the slot machine and there are always new people coming. If you're turned on by a drunk - and that's sure to happen - he'll be gone soon. The only people who are never seen in the Circle Bars are the locals. And you can not make friends with the locals. They come to the strip to do business; It looks like they just want fun on the strip, but that's all part of the business. The best casino circle bars can be found here: Hard Rock's Center Bar, Mandalay's Eyecandy, and Venetian's Oculus.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, 4455 Paradise Road, +1 702 693 5000, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 632 7777, Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 414 1000,

If you want to play in the casino but do not know anything about gaming and slot machines , then you play Craps. To be more specific, play craps and be the pass line. It's easy: you put your money on the table and another dices. When everyone else starts to cheer, you win. When it gets quiet around the table, you have lost. You will not get any closer to a 50/50 chance of winning (other than the Do not Pass Line, but that will annoy the other players). Go to O'Sheas, where the craps low-stakes tables are just waiting for you, and if you're lucky enough to lose your last $ 20 at the Beer Pong against a team of 21-year-olds from Ohio. Tell them you were at the University of Michigan and wait and see what happens!

O'Sheas Casino, 3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 697 2711,

Behave like a star (without being a star)

Casinos give the stars among the uk casino slots at players many things for free - that's no secret. But it is difficult for the casinos to understand how much a player is gambling. A good way to make the casino think that you are gambling away is to take a giant marker. If you plan to lose $ 500 you should take a $ 5000 mark. This will attract the attention of the hosts. And who knows, maybe you even get a free hotel room, a free meal or tickets to performances; or at worst you just feel like a star. A blackjack player who often goes to Las Vergas and often plays at the slot machine, has recently said that Mandalay Bay has been very generous with the hotel rooms for the past few months. Just call there and ask what offers there are at the moment.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 632 7777,

Bet your money in the bookmaker

Bet your money in the bookmaker

We can do what we want, we Americans are just not such Hoologans as the Europeans. But although we are not so aggressive, we are smart when it comes to financial matters. For us, sports betting is like driving 10 miles over the speed limit. It's illegal, but everyone and the grandmother of each one do it. The MGM Grand may not be the newest or most stylish betting shop on the Strip, but it's always the most energetic. And is not that the most important thing? If you go there, you will certainly cheer. Even if you do not know which side to cheer for. In this casino one can play also at the play automat.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 891 1111,

Mix shopping and games in the right place

Mix shopping and games in the right place

Every major casino has its own boutiques and slot machines. Some of these boutiques offer prices that are in order. They're there to pull the money out of players' hands because they can not wait 5 minutes to get to the next store. But there are also casinos where nice shopping malls are next door, whose prices are actually quite ok. I'm thinking of the Caesar's Forum Shops and the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood. There are also skis painted on the walls in these malls - so you do not even have to go outside.

Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South, +1 702 731 7110, Miracle Mile Shops, 3663 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 900, Open Mon-Thurs and Sun 10 am-11pm, Fri-Sat 10 am-midnight

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