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Designation for the full number in roulette. The series of numbers ranging from 0 - 36

It is usual that a player is a tip in the bet when winning on the full number (Plein) is. The employees of a casino are paid largely on .

The Zero (0) is the 37th number in casinouk roulette. The calculation of the payout percentages is based on 36 numbers, so that the zero is also considered the bank number (advantage). Basically, however, it has - as the remaining 36 - similar betting options and the same rates. The peculiarity is even chances: While the numbers 1-36 in each one of the simple chances associated with (red / black, odd / even; Manque / passes) this is for zero otherwise. It is green, not even / odd even in low numbers or Passe-sector. If you have set a simple chance and the Zero falls, bet wins on any of the simple chances at Your chips are locked, but keep half of its original value.

Zero game
With this combination in Roulette you bet on the numbers around the UK Casino: A chip (plein) on 26 and a cheval 0/3, 12/15 and 32/35 is occupied with one use. That is four tokens for seven figures.